Tuesday, July 4, 2017

House Sparrows use owl box for new home June 2017

Once the Eastern Screech Owl had moved out of the box it took less than a day for the house sparrows to take it over.  Many birds have looked at it but these two work hard and fast to create  a new home

Female was bringing in new nesting

Male was bringing in long leaves from next door

Female telling male to hurray up

More reeds brought in. 

The female is now on eggs and male sits beside his new house keeping others away. 

I have no problem letting house sparrows use the nest box.
In October all the boxes will be emptied  cleaned up and ready for another season. 

Groundhog and babies june 2017

I have seen lots of groundhogs this year but I noticed all of them had a bright reddish chest. 

Sibling kiss

Don't come near me.

a couple more

A lady had put out bananas for the groundhogs.  This shot I wanted to show you the size difference. 

One of my favourite shots. 


Doe and Fawn June 2017

Doe and Fawn take a stroll through the neighbours yards.
So happy to see a fawn with mom.

How cute is this.

Remember if you find a fawn sleeping in the woods let it be.  Mom is nearby. 
If baby is following you, calling during the day or splayed out on the ground call
your local wildlife centre.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Chick-a-dee and baby being fed June 2017

I love how this mom takes care of her baby.
She get food and the baby follows her
She goes to a tree and then feeds the little one.
Back and forth all day long.
They nested in my back yard in my wren nest.  2nd year in a row.

young chick-a-dee wanting food

Mom taking a short rest

Mink a pair of them June 2017

I was so excited to see the mink down by the lake.  Even happier when the second one came out and gave chase to the first one.

Quite a bit darker - same place same time just a bit smaller and darker.

On the run as second mink chasing him.

Missed a step.

Cole and Baseball June 2017

Take me out to the ballgame.
Man this guy can play.
Amazing pitcher, hitter and 2nd base man. 

The kids are 10 years old and playing like pros.

A double and RBI

Congrats Cole
Great game and amazing playing