Friday, September 16, 2016

Muskrat and Babies Sept 2016

How often do you see a wood duck, a baby muskrat and a frog in a shot. 

Lower Reesor Pond was destroyed by TRCA.  All the water gone but this tiny pond.  But in the pond were 4 muskrats, 4 wood ducks, 6 mallards,  frogs many of them, killdeer, kingbirds, robins, tailless sparrow and more. 

Mom and one young

enjoying the water

lots of frogs in the shade

Even a killdeer in the same little bit of water.

White Tailed Deer with fawns Sept 2016

Can anything even be more beautiful than a fawn.  How about 4 of them.

The morning light hits the fawn

Tail at attention

Out of the woodpile

Coming out of the forest

the kiss

communication between two doe

mom and her twins

Another family with one fawn

So much fun to look at ..  Enjoy

Horse and Colt on a back road Sept 2016

Sometimes you see something and you know you must turn around and just watch.  The sun was going down and yet this was a magical sight.  So instead of throwing away this photo I actually played with it.  Loving it. 

Another shot of an juvenile horse.  Not sure proper name.

Gray Jay eating a Smokey Shrew

Gray Jay coming in with shrew

Eating it now

Again gapping after eating.

Gray Jay eating a Hairy mole at Algonquin Park Sept 2016

These photos are for record only.  It wss a very exciting find at Algonquin.  A gray jay was eating a hairy mole.  A few of us were watching him and able to grab a few photos.  All information and data was sent to Dan who does Gray Jay studies. 
This is not something you see every day. 
Copyright Ann Brokelman on all photos.


The left overs which caught my attention.  Please look closely at the foot and you can see the teeth of the mole.

The gray jay was gapping after eating because they are apparently horrible and strong.